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Course Description

Learn How to Build an Impeccable ECommerce Website using WordPress, 3 Official WooCommerce themes from WooThemes and 20+ Popular WordPress Plugins

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Faisal QamarWhat an exceptional course, I ever seen. Mr. Arun and Ms. Sharomena put tremendous effort to build such a beautiful course on udemy. It cover WordPress from all prospective. I also appreciate the response you give me on time. Anyone who wish to learn every detail must take this course, its worth to watch each lesson. Once again thanks Mr. Arun and Ms. Sharomena

Woodhess Saint AmourVery precise and consistent with a lot great of informations. The instructor is fantastic. I would recommend this course to anyone. Good job!

Mustak AhmedThis course is really comprehensive and easy to follow for anyone who is looking to learn e-commerce, but also WordPress. I was looking for some great information on how to sell online and now I\’ve found it. Recommended!

Husain AlnaserI was so excited to learn about WordPress e-commerce since i am planning to open a new online business. The course is super fun, straight forward, and relatively short but comprehensive and thorough. I would really participate in new useful courses from Arun in future. Recommended for everyone who is looking to build an e-commerce website.

Daniel Cure VelasquezIf you wanna learn from the best, this is the course for you. I never purchase online courses but this is different, this is a complete guide about how to develop e-commerce sites . our teacher is excellent person, very committed and willing to help at all time.

Richard DernisterThe instructors are generous with their time and updates and, although I haven\’t yet finished the entire course, I\’m quite favorably impressed with what I\’ve seen so far. For me it has been a good investment.

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Added Value

You can also free domains and hosting packages to learn this course. Once you\’re accustomed to WordPress, you can move on our list of recommended premium hosting and domain, because choosing a premium hosting is where most new website owners go wrong.

In this course, all lectures follow a step-by-step plan, that will guide you along the way.

So by the end of this ECommerce course, you can transcend from an absolutely zero to an ECommerce expert, running a powerful online ECommerce store in just 10 hours.

Added Bundle to kick-start your ECommerce website

> 1 Premium ECommerce Theme Worth $59

> 5 Premium Grade Free Theme Bundle

Why take this course?

> If you opt for a Web designer, you may be charged $1000 for creating a custom theme.

> Instead if you choose a professional ECommerce website building company they may charge you $600. But the limitation is that, you cannot ask for a custom design and they won’t offer any post purchase support too.

If you start up this course, you yourself will become an expert in building and customizing your own ECommerce website with various WordPress themes and plugins.

Above all, we will be with you, all the way down while building your ECommerce site, to help you troubleshoot all the issues you may face.

See What Students are saying about our course

Alison Bies I already had a wordpress site up and running…but wish I had taken this course before. I could have saved myself lots of grief.

Rich Wright Whatever your goals are for using WordPress, your first stop should be here.

Ed Bradley This is a solid course it gives the skills to become a professional

Bob Houle – Best course I\’ve found for ecommerce and wordpress

What\’s so special about this course

This course will take you through simple and practical approach while learning ECommerce principles. It doesn\’t hold any unnecessary theories on WordPress, instead it takes you on the right path to create an ECommerce store with clear step-by-step guidance starting from a domain to configuring a payment gateway. The entire course is captioned i.e. you have English U.S subtitles for all the lectures.

How is the course structured

This course is structured in the following manner.

01. Install WordPress on your laptop / computer for free

02. Get free domain and hosting to learn this course

03. Introduction to WordPress Essentials

04. Setup & Configure WordPress Tools & Settings

05. Install & setup WooCommerce plugin

06. Types of Products that you can sell in your ECommerce Website

07. Install and Customize 2 Official Woo-themes

08. Add and Copy Multiple Products quickly

09. Give Professional look to your site

10. Customize a new premium grade Woo-theme

11. Configure each and every WooCommerce Settings step-by-step

12. Create Pricing Tables to showcase your pricing plans

13. Create Amazon Affiliate Store

14. Configure PayPal, Stripe Payment Gateway and make test transactions with Credit / Debit card etc.

15. Add Multi-Currency Payment Support

16. Manage your sales Orders

17. Improve page loading speed & Add recommended Plugins

18. Secure your store against any threat / attack

19. Analyze & Interpret your sales reports

20. Setup and Manage Advanced Review system

Course Updation Timeline

April 14: Add Multi-Currency Payment Support – 6 Lectures – 28 Mins

March 19: Amazon Affiliate Store Section – 11 Lectures – 40 Mins

March 04: Stripe Payment Gateway Section – 6 Lectures – 30 Mins

January 20: Pricing Table Section – 4 Lectures – 50 Mins

January 15: Speed up + Add plugins, Sales Reports Analysis, Customer Reviews Sections – 16 Lectures – 60 Mins

January 5: Secure Your Website Section – 11 Lectures – 25 Mins

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